Weld Inspection

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Ultrasonic testing is an efficient NDT method that allows for the detection of cracks, fractures, porosity and other defects present in welds. Because this method has higher power potential than other non-destructive test types, ultrasonic inspection can produce images that are more clearly defined than other methods and indicate characteristics deeper than surface level.



  • Non-contact, fast screening technique.
  • Capable of temperatures from -30ºC to 350ºC.
  • Highly efficient for thin welds (<12 mm).
  • Roller kits, encoders and adaptors for different applications.

Instruments: Innerspec POWERBOX H and VOLTA

Phased Array

  • Superior focussing and steering capabilities
  • Both internal and external defects can be detected and sized
  • PAUT image is easy to comprehend
  • PAUT is more reliable than conventional angle beam UT
  • Inspection available from either side of the weld or across the weld in transmission

Instruments: Sonatest VEO+ and Sonatest PRISMA